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One of the best things you can put in the website is a plugin. Plugins can boost the functionality of the website. The top sites would have several plugins. It could be for SEO, social network and security. When it comes to plugins for WordPress, you can download from different sources. However, it is not a guarantee that the plugin is useful. You can use these steps to get the best WordPress plugins.


1. Consider plugins only from the official WordPress plugin directory - This is a list of the WordPress plugins which were tested by WordPress to ensure usability and compatibility. Most if not all of these plugins are worth the investment. Check out the wordpress portfolio themes available now to get a better idea. 


2. Read the description - The name of the plugin is not enough to know what it can bring to your website. You need to read the description in order to get the basic information that can help you know which plugins are suitable for your website needs.


3. Check the stars, recent stats and total download count - You need to check the star rating, total number of downloads and the recent downloads of the plugin. This will give you an idea of the reception of the plugins in the market as well as its quality. Read also reviews to know more details regarding the actual performance of the plugin.


4. Consider the stable version - Versions ending in .0 such as 1.0 or 2.0 are those which are stable. Any version ending from 0.1 to 0.9 are experimental versions and could have bugs which need to be fixed. It is much safer for your website to use stable versions for plugins.


5. Look for regularly updated plugin - Some plugins are developed and put into market for many years without any change. Other plugins are updated regularly. The best plugins are those which are updated regularly. Regular updates are needed to ensure compatibility with the updates of WordPress as well as increase efficiency and functionality of the plugin.


6. It must be compatible to the recent WordPress version - A plugin which is compatible for a certain version of WordPress is not guaranteed to be compatible with the newer WordPress version. You need to consider those plugins which are compatible with the recent WordPress version.


7. There must be a full support - Even the stable version of plugins which are compatible with the recent WordPress version would have certain issues. It could be during the installation or in the performance. If you are purchasing a WordPress plugin, look for those which provide customer support so you can ask for assistance in case you experience difficulties in using the plugin. Take the ellion wordpress theme for instance. 


Now go get the best WordPress plugin available.


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